Exporting a Premiere Pro Project with All Files


In this guide, I will show you a quick and straightforward method to export your entire Adobe Premiere Pro project along with all the associated media files, AutoCut Captions, AutoZoom, etc. This technique is essential when you need to transfer your project to another editor or deliver it to a client while ensuring no files and AutoCut edit are missing.

How to Export Your Project

1. Open Project Manager

From the main menu in Premiere Pro, go to File > Project Manager.

Open Project Manager

2. Configure Your Export Settings

  1. In the Project Manager window, find the 'Resulting Project' section and ensure that Collect Files and Copy to New Location is selected.

  2. Choose your desired destination by clicking Browse. For this tutorial, we will use the Desktop.

Click on Browse
  1. Review the disk space required for the export and ensure you have enough space at the chosen destination.

  2. You have the option to Exclude Unused Clips, which will reduce the size of the copied project by omitting any clips that are not used in the current sequence(s).

  3. Decide whether to include other files such as Audio Conform Files and Preview Files. It's usually safe to exclude preview files unless needed for specific purposes.

  4. If you have customized clip names in the project, you can check Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names, but if not, you can leave this unchecked.

  5. Once satisfied with the configurations, click OK to proceed.

Click on ok

3. Save and Export

  1. Premiere Pro will prompt you to save the project before continuing. Click Save.

  2. The Project Manager will then begin copying the necessary files to the specified location.

4. Verify the Exported Project

Once the export is complete, navigate to the chosen location and ensure that all files are present, including the project file, media cache, and assets.


You have now successfully exported your Adobe Premiere Pro project with all associated files, ensuring a smooth transition to another editor or client. By following these steps, you can avoid missing file issues and maintain the integrity of your project during handoffs.

Remember, always double-check the copied files before sending them off to ensure everything required is included.

Thank you for following this tutorial. Happy editing!