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Jun 10, 2021

How to make jump cuts in Premiere Pro ?

We will see in this tutorial how to make jumps cuts on Premiere Pro. It is very important to energize a video. Here we will show concrete examples.


Firstly, after you are inside the project, make the sequence and import your video, of the interview, montage or whatever it is, into the sequence. You need to start the video from whatever point you want but afterwards zoom onto the timeline so you can see the audio waveforms like in the example below…

Jump Cuts on Premiere Pro 1

Now, you just need to keep one thing in mind that you need to cut from the end of one dialogue till the start of the next dialogue so you just manage to cut the dead space and nothing important. Here we would cut our first dead space part which you can see in the screenshot below,

Jump Cuts on Premiere Pro 2

We just need to simply delete that part we just cut and bring the rest of the sequence back to fill the dead space to make the sentence continuous…

Jump Cuts on Premiere Pro 3

Here we just did our first jump cut. To save time you can do them all at once by just watching carefully the audio waveforms and simply cutting them.. Like in the example below

Jump Cuts on Premiere Pro 4

Just delete all those dead spaces and join all parts together.. It would look something like the following screenshot,

Jump Cuts on Premiere Pro 5

These jump cuts will significantly reduce the length of your video sequence and will help you keeping your audience engaged by maintaining the flow. After all of this is done you just need to listen to it and if you find some slight errors in the flow, you just need to manage them manually and you’ll be good to go.

Or if you want to make the process really fast to save your time, you can use one of our plugin ‘AutoCut’

Here is a presentation of our plugin in the following link,

Autocut tutorial - How to use AutoCut to make Jump cuts


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