AutoB-Roll automatically adds stock footage to your Premiere Pro video project with the help of artificial intelligence, designed to illustrate your videos more easily.

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Search for Other B-Rolls

AutoB-Roll automatically suggests B-Roll/stock footage based on your content, but you can also search for additional ones.

Supports 80+ languages

AutoB-Roll supports more than 80 languages; see the list of supported languages here:

See the list of supported languages

How does it work?

Step 1 - Define the length of B-Rolls you want

You can choose the 'minimum and maximum duration,' these settings will allow you to decide if you want more or fewer B-Rolls and more or less dynamic transitions. Then you can set the language of your audio and start the automatic search for B-Rolls.


Step 2 - Modify the addition of B-Rolls

AutoB-Roll then suggests B-Rolls tailored to your content. Thanks to its B-Roll editing page, you can replace the suggested B-Rolls with an intuitive search.

Step 3 - Launch AutoB-Roll!

After modifying and validating the selection of B-Rolls suggested by AutoB-Roll, all you have to do is launch it! It will automatically download and add the B-Rolls to your timeline!


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