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Jan 1, 2021


There are several steps to zooming in on Premiere Pro. First you must create a new project via the menu Files> New> New Project


Let’s begin from the start…

First you need to create a NEW PROJECT by going to FILE > New > NEW PROJECT and after a new project is created you need to drag and drop a clip on the timeline to create a NEW SEQUENCE.


Once the sequence is created, you need to select the clip by simply clicking on it so it’s settings appear in the Effects Control Panel. Following is an example of how will it look like after clicking on the clip you want to create a zoom effect on:

Premiere Pro Zoom 1

Afterwards, you need to bring the PLAYHEAD at the frame you want the zoom in/out to actually start (for example at the 10 second mark) and then click on the little WATCH ICON beside “Scale” effect in the EFFECT CONTROLS PANEL to turn on the Toggle Animation which will automatically mark a keyframe at that point, Following is an example of how it will look like after Toggle Animation has been turned on(marked as blue):

Premiere Pro Zoom 2

The keyframe we just marked will let Adobe Premiere Pro know about the point till what the video should stay in its original scale. Afterwards, we move the PLAYHEAD 1 frame forward and mark another key frame by clicking the dot between the arrows and change the SCALE to 150:

Premiere Pro Zoom 3

This will make the zoom look zoomed in as we turned the SCALE to 150%. Now, you need to drag the PLAYHEAD to the frame till when you want the zoom to stay. For example, we drag it to the 15 second point. Then we add a new keyframe while keeping the scale value the same:

Premiere Pro Zoom 4

This will tell Adobe Premiere Pro about the point till where the zoom should stay. Now, we move the PLAYHEAD 1 frame forward and add a new keyframe with turning the Scale value back to 100%:

This will make the clip zoom out to its original scale(100%) again. And after this point the clip will play in 100% Scale.

Keeping the distance between the initial or ending frames of 1 FRAME will make a quick zoom effect. However, if we increase this to 5-6 frames, this will create a slow zoom in/out effect. The more frames between the keyframes the more time it takes to ZOOM in or out.

So this is how you create a ZOOM EFFECT in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Thank you!

Adrian Guery

Adrian Guery

Autocut developer

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