AutoZoom is parameters that allow you to automatically add zoom to your video after cutting it using AutoCut.

How it works ?

AutoZoom will automatically add zoom depending on the average audio volumn of your clips.

How to use it ?

1. Enable AutoZoom

To enable AutoZoom, you need to check the checkbox in the AutoZoom section.

2. Adjust the maximum zoom coefficient

You can adjust the maximum zoom coefficient by moving the slider.
This coefficient will be used to zoom in the clip that has the louder audio volumn.

3. Select the percentage of the clip to zoom

You can select the percentage of the clip to zoom.
After cutting process is done, the selected percentage of subclip will be zoomed in.
Thoses clips will be zoomed according their average audio volumn, the louder a clip is, the more it will be zoomed.

Choose percentage of subclip to zoom in

4. Cut your clips

Now you can cut your clips as usual, the zooming process will automatically start after cuting and removing silence.